VOL. 2 – JUNE 2018

VOL. 2 – JUNE 2018


So far in 2018, eight new government agencies have started managing their case work with CityLaw / CountyLaw Web!

Last month we conducted two webinars:

  1. Best practices for opening and closing matters

  2. Introduction to template creation

You can sign up for upcoming webinars here.  Request webinar topics by sending an email to training@cycominc.com.


Recently added

This section describes features that have been recently added to CityLaw / CountyLaw.  If you’d like to take advantage of these new features, send an email to upgrades@cycominc.com.

Set background color for selected matters

Make priority matters stand out!  Set a background color based on certain codes on the matter basic screen.  Color coding is visible in Skyline, Main Street, Global Matter Search, and Module Search Results.

Matters on the Skyline dashboard, color-coded by their Priority field value.

Matters on the Skyline dashboard, color-coded by their Priority field value.

Document approval workflows

Need to route a document through several staff members to ensure the proper approvals have taken place?  You can do that electronically with our document approval workflow process.  Track who is responsible for the next approval, when it happens, see their comments, and run a report showing all progress.  The system sends email messages automatically as the document progresses through the approval cycle and records those messages to their respective matters.

Searchable online Help Center with Live Chat

Our Help Center and knowledgebase is now accessible from within the Help menu of CityLaw / CountyLaw.  You’ll be asked to create an account on your initial visit.  There you can find all our “How To” articles and chat with a Support Specialist live.

Online Help Center.PNG

Help Center

Create your free account now

Create restricted teams

Need to allow some staff to only view certain matters?  Teams can now be defined as “Restricted”.  Staff members on a Restricted Team can only search and create matters for their Team, in any module.  Printing reports that allow team selection criteria will be set to the Restricted Team as well.

Azure cloud services

CityLaw / CountyLaw is compatible with Microsoft’s cloud environment: Microsoft Azure.  If you're interested in learning how your organization can benefit from a cloud infrastructure, email us at upgrades@cycominc.com.


On the horizon

This section describes some of the features the development team is currently working on.  Keep an eye out for these to make it to the Recently Added section of the newsletter

Prosecution module enhancements

  • Complaint – save as a static document on the matter, allowing you to reprint or edit.

  • Cross-reference – link Prosecution matters.

  • Consolidated complaint – leverage cross-referencing to print consolidated complaints.

RMAT (Risk Management Assessment Tool)

This feature provides an evaluation process for identifying and reporting on high risk lawsuits to which the City or County has become party.  RMAT can also be used to address and report on risk mitigation steps and utilize Corrective Actions Reports (CARs).

Debt Collections module

Debt Collections will be used to track a citizen’s obligations to a client department or agency, referred to the legal department for enforcement.  This module tracks fines, judgements, payments, and interest.  Report progress back to the various agencies from the module’s print-outs.


Beyond the horizon

This section gives you a glimpse into the visioneering that’s happening with your case management software.  Where is the system headed in the next 12 months to 5 years?

CityLaw / CountyLaw Next Generation (CLNG)

Say 'goodbye' to Silverlight!  The development of the Litigation module is well underway.

The above screenshot represents a work in progress.

The above screenshot represents a work in progress.

E-file documents directly from CityLaw / CountyLaw

Wouldn’t it be nice to click a button on your documents page in CityLaw / CountyLaw that says “E-File” and have a PDF copy of the highlighted document be e-filed with the associated court on the matter?  We’re working to make that a reality.  Every jurisdiction will have their own standards for how that connection is made, so this will become available on an ad-hoc basis, as jurisdictions make the necessary connection details available.

Document versioning

Maintain a history of document change iterations with the ability to revert to a previous version.  View who made the change and when.


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